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Hiring the wrong person is costly...

Those costs add up fast – recruitment fees, training costs, and your team’s most valuable asset, time. The cost-per-hire for a UK senior developer can easily exceed £20,000.

Foro maximises your odds of hiring the right developer using a tried-and-tested methodology. If you find yourself saying,“we need to hire a developer, but we’re not technical” then there’s a good chance we could help you.

How can Foro help me?

We produce and consistently update cutting-edge technical assessments. You don’t need to be technical to use Foro. Take advantage of our ready-made technical assessments created by subject matter experts.

Save time

Speed up your technical screening process. Save your dev team hours of time creating and marking tech tests.

Save effort

Our assessments are built by subject matter experts. We test the real, hands on skills required.

Faster time-to-hire

Good developers don’t hang around. Progress the right applicants quickly before they’re off the market.

Gain confidence

Only take qualified candidates forward. Predict how your candidates will perform before hiring them.

Delight developers

Candidates judge your company based upon their application experience. Our assessments are designed to provide your applicants with a great first impression.

Eliminate unconscious bias

Diverse teams produce better results. Standardise the experience your candidates receive. Source developers in a fairer and more inclusive way with Foro.

What happens once a developer takes an assessment?

We’ll alert you when the results are in. We generate an assessment report per candidate so you can effortlessly screen them. Select the best developers and quickly move them forward in your process.

We’ve got a full stack of assessments

Our assessments are regularly reviewed and refined by subject matter experts. Technology moves fast and so we think it’s best to keep our assessments fresh.

The Foro Methodology goes beyond theoretical knowledge. We assess the real day-to-day skills needed to be successful.

We practice what we preach!

We refined this methodology over many years of building enterprise-ready, remote-first development teams. Use Foro to find developers that fit well for you.

  • Front-end Web Development

    The fundamental skills required to deliver delightful front-end experiences. Assesses: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP Methods, and Networking

  • Back-end Web Development

    The fundamental skills required to engineer robust and scalable back-end systems. Assesses: Databases, Architectural Styles, Data Structures, Security, Networking, and DNS

  • Full Stack Web Development

    Takes into account the ever-evolving demands of a full stack developer. This assessment is tailored to assess knowledge breadth across the stack.

  • Ruby & Ruby on Rails

    Covers the fundamentals of the Ruby programming language as well as the web-app framework, Ruby on Rails

  • React

    A JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React makes it easier for developers to build modern applications.

Many more coming soon...

  • Angular

  • Java

  • PHP

  • iOS – Swift

  • Android – Kotlin

  • Payments – Stripe

  • Salesforce Platform

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